Scoping Summary - Section 4

IV. Incorporating Public Comments into the Transport 2020 Scope

As noted in the tables in Chapter 3, the majority of comments on the scope of the DEIS phase of Transport 2020 related to tasks already planned as part of the current study phase. A number of stakeholders, however, addressed issues of project scope and evaluation that had not previously been included. These comments include the following:

  • Re-evaluate the eastern terminus originally planned for the East Towne Mall area. The study will evaluate extending the eastern terminus.
  • Use University geo-data. The study team will follow up with the University to determine how the data could be used.
  • Consider energy consumption per passenger mile when evaluating alternatives. The study team will consider alternative means of energy consumption measures in the DEIS.
  • Evaluate impacts on nearby property values near the airport. The study team will evaluate potential impacts in a qualitative manner.

Scope elements suggested that will not be incorporated in full to the current study phase (refer to the tables for specific responses).

  • North-south service, including service to Fitchburg and Oregon,
  • Include ride-sharing component,
  • Include paratransit component,
  • Address cross-lake travel,
  • Consider Beltline circle route for transit,
  • Install toll booths on isthmus to raise funds for transit and
  • Implement a rail demonstration project to create excitement for Transport 2020.